Basic Technician Certificate in Animal Health and Production (CAHP)

Animal Health and Production (CAHP)

S/NCodeModule NameSemester
1.AHT 04101Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals110
2.AHT 04102Basic Microbiology80
3.AHT 04203Basic Parasitology013
4.AHT 04204General Pathology07
5.APT 04205Pasture and Fodder Production010
6.APT 04206Management of Grazing land06
7.APT 04107General Livestock Husbandry120
8.APT 04108Livestock Feeds and Feeding80
9.GST 04109Basic workshop Technology and Farm Structures100
10.GST 04210Draught Animal Power08
11.GST 04111Introduction to Computer60
12.GST 04212Introduction to Livestock Extension08
13.GST 04213Entrepreneurship08