The contribution of livestock sector to the National economy cannot be overemphasized. To make the sector vibrant, the Government among other efforts has been conducting training of extension officers, farmers and other stakeholders through its six Livestock Training Institutes (LITIs) namely, Mpwapwa, Morogoro, Tengeru, Madaba, Temeke and Buhuri. However, these Institutes could not perform efficiently and effectively due to a number of challenges including; inadequate human resource, low retention of staff, unmotivated staff, infrastructure, inadequate teaching facilities and financial resource. This called for a deliberate initiative by the Government to strengthen these Institutes.

As a way of addressing the above challenges, the Government through the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development decided to establish Livestock Training Agency (LITA). The Agency has been formed by merging the six Livestock Training Institutes (LITIs) which is in line with the Executive Agencies Act Cap 245 (R.E. 2009) by expanding and improving the scope and mandates of the institutes. The Agency aims at improving performance in provision of quality training, production, applied research and consultancy services in areas of animal health and production.